Out-of-the-box xpoint in hours

Getting xpoint up and running is quick and easy. TWM E8’s services team deploy xpoint and
conduct onsite training of super-users within hours.

Configured xpoint in a week

Customers with well established methodologies can have xpoint configured to reflect this, with
modified phases, tools or workflows. Configurations are typically delivered within a week.

About TWM E8

Organizations need to deliver and sustain change better, more quickly and at lower cost.

TWM E8’s xpoint software platform that :
Equips team to deliver projects Reduces cost and time to delivery of value Makes complex Programmes manageable.

xpoint helps:
Teams work together in project and
programme workspaces
Leaders have a live view of their programme

xpoint is built on Microsoft SharePoint and has a proven track record of:
Engaging staff, partners and suppliers in
faster project delivery
Improving project performance (productivity,
innovation, quality, etc.), and
Delivering better results.

Contact us

For any further information please contact:
Alex Clark, TWM E8 Managing Director
Tel: 07979156213