Programme Management Solutions

Programme Management

Driving significant business change is

A very large portfolio of projects to direct

Visibility, control and managing portfolio
is hard

Investing in change that adds the greatest value is difficult

Sustainability of financial impact over the
long term is often poor

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Workspaces equip teams to deliver changes via:
- Programme
- Projects
- Work-package

Portfolio makes complex change programmes manageable:
- Live view of all programmes, projects,   work-packages
- See pressure points by schedule, cost,   benefits, risks...

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Programme Management

Driving significant change programmes is complex

No matter what type of change:
New IT systems, Restructuring ,M&A integration Performance improvement - productivity, innovation, quality…

A very large portfolio of projects

Hundreds of projects to direct Of many different types Involving people across outside the business

Visibility, control and managing
portfolio risk is difficult

Hundreds of people working in hundreds of projects of many different types Skilled managers chasing progress each month No standard methods so metrics not comparable

Investing in most valuable changes

Aligned to strategy No changes duplicating or negating others Optimising across a large portfolio of changes

Sustaining long term financial impact

Benefits realisation captured in standard way Maintain project performance over time Projects can’t fade away after ‘completion’


Programme workspace

All-in-one programme workspace For cross-stakeholder leadership teams Alerts and reports focus leadership on programme risks

Project Workspace

All-in-one project workspace For cross-stakeholder teams Alerts drive teams to project when changes are made


All-in-one workspace for small or sub-projects For delivery of work-packages Can be connected to other projects or programmes

Portfolio Management

Governance via live charts and reports - anytime Analyse portfolio for pressure points Monitor risks to schedule, benefits, costs, etc.


1. Make complex programmes manageable

All projects within a common environment Live and visible status of QIPP Programme See pressure points by schedule, cost, benefits, risks

2. Reduce cost and time to deliver     Programmes

Dramatically increased collaboration Teams work together between meetings

3. Maximise impact from your scarce resources

Easy capture of benefits/costs and strategic alignment across all projects View, organise and invest in projects by cost/benefit, strategic alignment, etc. Remove need to chase status across portfolio by skilled staff

4. Equip teams for faster/better co-production

All-in-one workspace for teams Methodology, templates, tools, tasks Discussions, documents, schedule Eliminate duplication

- Project knowledge in workspaces is visible

- Find and leverage previous projects

5. Sustain value over time

Manage transition into everyday processes Track actual vs predicted benefits over time