EQuip Solution Solutions


Faster, Better Healthcare

Real-time logging & visibility

Better prioritisation based on KPI’s

Visible projects and improvement

CCG & CSU Challenges

Managing the Quality Agenda across
multiple providers is tough

A lot of resource is spent recording and
reporting on Quality issues

But it’s hard to translate this into
Improvements and to meet KPI’s

It’s all too slow and expensive to make
Improvements happen – either big
programmes or Quick Wins

EQuip Solution

Enables front-line teams to raise concerns in real time - easily and effectively

All data is held in one place providing one version of the truth for everyone

Provides powerful analysis - prioritisation against KPI’s becomes easy

Improvement projects are executed in a shared, collaborative workspace so performance is transparent and can be easily spread

Reduces cost and time to deliver value

Makes complex programmes manageable

Enables easy Governance and Reporting


Real-time Capture of Issues and Best Practice

Seamlessly sends the feedback to a data collection service

Healthcare Professionals capture high or low-level feedback Link it to a Provider or Quality Theme or KPI (Patient Safety, etc.) In an easy to use interface, via their mobile phone, tablet, or computer

And feeds back progress and updates on Improvements to the Board & Health-care Professionals


Real-time Analysis, Improvement, and Governance based on Issues, Best Practice and KPI priorities

Where Feedback of a major and minor nature is:

Collated into themes, and

Used to prioritise and drive Improvement projects and change