The below Customer profiles show how xpoint is helping some of the largest organisations in the world
including those in health, government/public sectors, global financial services and technology sectors. These organizations are using point to:

ENGAGE people across the business
EMBED better and faster changes through dramatically improved collaboration and tools
INFORM management so it is clear where they need to act.

Welsh Assembly Government - CIO Team
The challenge

WAG's CIO Team have an ambitious agenda for change known as "Once for Wales". The "Once for
Wales" IT Strategy involves the optimisation of IT systems and services across the Country in order to deliver new levels of connectivity, cost and performance.
TWM E8 are proud to support this ambitious change agenda. xpoint has been selected to support the aggregation of 82 Data Centres and 341 Server Rooms into two data centres for Wales.

The solution

xpoint will provide ‘all-in-one project and programme management workspaces’ where teams work to deliver this change.

Neath Port Talbot / Castell-nedd Port Talbot
The challenge

Neath Port Talbot / Castell-nedd Port Talbot (NPT) is the third most populous County Borough Council in Wales, stretching from the coast to the borders of the Brecon Beacons National Park.
The Council’s main strategy for the future focuses on “Doing What Matters” which includes achieving significant financial savings so that it can deliver a balanced budget. The scale and pace of the NPT change initiatives call for a level of resource and involvement that demand a new approach. Cardiff Business School guided NPT to establish an infrastructure that helps ambitious year on year objectives to be achieved through:

  • the adoption of common processes to solve common problems
  • ensuring the creative energies of all staff are engaged
  • reduced waste – no duplication, faster learning, problems fixed once are shared.
The solution

xpoint® was selected as NPT’s infrastructure of choice, and is now helping NPT deliver a first major area of change – e-procurement. It is providing the Redesign programme with:

  • All-in-one project workspaces based on the Vanguard systems methodology
  • A work-package space where sub-projects can be delivered
  • The environment for Project teams to work together between meetings
  • A way to work smarter and deliver/prove process redesigns faster.
Ambulatory Emergency Care (AEC) Delivery Network
The challenge

Access to emergency care has improved considerably over the last few years, with most trusts consistently achieving the target of four-hour access times. But further attention is required to ensure that only those patients who actually require admission to an acute hospital bed are admitted, and that their length of stay is commensurate with their acute care needs. This requires appropriate assessment and decision-making, supported by alternatives to bed-based acute care for those patients whose diagnosis, co-morbidity and illness severity do not or no longer require an acute hospital bed. Many of these processes are already available, but for a variety of reasons patients are not able to access them:

  • decision-making can be delayed,
  • there can be a lack of awareness of the alternatives,
  • there can be problems with access to the alternatives, etc.

In the first instance, improved, whole system coordination of the resources that are already available (as well as the coordination of any new developments) is required. This will support trusts’ ability to care for patients without needing to admit them.
The Ambulatory Care Emergency Delivery Network, formed by the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement (NHSI) provides a framework in NHS England to progress this whole system co-ordination. The Network comprises 10 geographically dispersed teams who receive guidance from NHSI and want to be connected in such a way as to allow them to collaborate and share documents and best practice, so enabling faster learning and delivery of results.

The solution

xpoint® has been commissioned by NHSI for use by the AEC to provide a common environment for the teams to share documents and best practice, discuss common issues, and manage their own work. It provides the Programme team at NHSI with a home page to communicate directly with the teams and a reporting structure with drill down, showing real time status updates on the teams’ activities. In the future there are plans to extend the capabilities by providing teams with an NHSI specific AEC project structure to deliver their work.

The challenge

UNIT4 is a global business software company that creates, delivers and supports adaptable software and services worldwide, to help dynamic organisations manage their business needs effectively. They strive to set the global standard for business solutions that help dynamic organisations to embrace change - simply, quickly and cost effectively.
In the UK, Unit4 aims to be the country’s foremost business software company: providing change-embracing solutions – including the Agresso Business World ERP suite and Coda financial management software – that transform the delivery of public services and comprehensively support the ability of commercial organisations to adapt and prosper in rapidly changing environments.
Unit4’s teams are spread across multiple sites and business units. Controlling and selecting R&D activity from a company-wide rather than local team perspective can therefore be a challenge. Which R&D product ideas should move forward? How do you ensure the associated business cases compare like with like? How do you practically engage the full workforce in driving the product roadmap forward?

The solution

xpoint® is being used by the UK-wide Unit4 R&D teams to maximise innovation. Everyone can now practically contribute to the product roadmap. Xpoint® provides a structured and collaborative process for individuals and teams to submit product ideas and develop associated business cases for those with most potential. The product leadership team are then able to assess business cases and maximise impact for the business.

Slough Community Leisure
The Challenge

Slough Community Leisure (SCL) is a Leisure Trust that was established in 2000. It developed out of a relationship with Slough Borough Council with the aim of providing effective and efficient management of the leisure facilities in Slough and the surrounding areas.

Slough Community Leisure prides itself in being a not-for-profit organisation. In short, this ensures that any profits generated by the Trust are reinvested back into the facilities. In its first seven years SCL, alongside its partners, has been able to invest around £4m into upgrading and adding new services for the community. The range of services now on offer across many different sites includes:

* Ten Pin Bowling * Stylish Gyms * Go Karting * Laser Combat * Swimming Pools * Spas * Ice Skating * Ice Karting * Racquet Sports * Cricket * Basketball * Netball / Volleyball
xpoint® is being used by the whole Slough team to maximise:

  • engagement of eveeryone in rapid service innovation
  • prioritisation and resolution of issues affecting profitability of the operation
  • alignment across the leadership team of what to focus on and ensure is delivered.

Slough use a range of workspaces to organise and deliver all aspects of business change:

  • General and Programme Management to ensure business strategy alignment and delivery
  • Business Ideas to gather, prioritise and deliver rapid service improvements across the business
  • Project Management to support delivery of new business projects in-line with the strategy.
The solution

We were appointed to deliver the consultancy and our technology to enable the culture change strategy. The whole project was driven by consistent leadership, stimulating workshops and imaginative communication; but it was the platform which provided the enduring fabric by which all in the organization were able to engage, contribute and collaborate to achieve an exciting ROI for the Bank.

Major global financial services company
The Challenge

The bank wanted to focus on creating a more empowered, progressive and innovative culture. They wanted to engage all of their staff in actively contributing to new and innovative ways of delivering customer value against a backdrop of an organization which struggled with being risk-averse, complex and overly managed processes and a pervasive fear of failure.

The Bank wanted ideation and more. They wanted to be able to drive all the creativity and energy of their staff into actually bringing those ideas to reality. They called their program “Ideas To Impact”, and it was real change that they wanted to see happen and measurable results that they needed to achieve.

The solution

We were appointed to deliver the consultancy and our technology to enable the culture change strategy. The whole project was driven by consistent leadership, stimulating workshops and imaginative communication; but it was the platform which provided the enduring fabric by which all in the organization were able to engage, contribute and collaborate to achieve an exciting ROI for the Bank.

Global Leader in Facilities Management
The Challenge

This FM leader wanted to provide a clearly differentiated solution to its own customers. They wanted to find a way to apply the collective experience of their knowledgeable and customer-intimate workforce for the measurable benefits of its clients.They wanted to raise the bar so that their usual excellence in service was matched by excellence in the value they could contribute to their client’s bottom line.

The solution

This FM leader deployed the TWM E8 platform to link all their staff working on widely distributed customer sites. This allowed the sharing of knowledge and experience, it encouraged the creative efforts of their staff to do a better job at lower cost, and it enabled their management to be informed on all their staff initiatives and to reference these in communicating the value of their contributions to the client.

Global Brand Leader in Technology
The Challenge

This major industry player knew that its future growth depended not only on its leading R&D teams continuing to deliver new technologies and solutions to market, but on its whole workforce joining the continuous efforts to innovate and transform its business model.

Efforts to engage the staff in these efforts had varying degrees of success, but momentum was always difficult to maintain, especially when any additional resources brought to bear were redeployed on to other priorities.

The solution

The company invested in providing all their staff with access to the TWM E8 platform. This enabled the formal organization to focus better on activities that contributed to the transformation of the business. It also widened and strengthened the capabilities of the virtual organization, those groupings of people across the company in different locations and functions whose communications and cooperation provide the vital synergy on which real transformation is very often dependent.

Leading European Private Equity Firm
The Challenge

This small but prominent private equity firm wrestled continuously with maintaining its core knowledge around specific merger and acquisition sectors. In a highly competitive hiring market, turnover of key staff meant that invaluable information was regularly lost to the organization, and too often, this had to be regained at significant opportunity cost to the business.

The solution

The Firm deployed the xpoint™ platform as a common environment on which to base all its M&A team activities. The solution was able to support the broad range of workflows and life-cycles that the firm used on its wide variety of M&A projects, with all the work and e-communications in which the team were engaged residing in the platform’s knowledge management database. As a result, all formal and informal records of a complete M&A life-cycle were retained on the platform to support and reinforce the efforts of the next team to engage in a similar project and strategically the whole firm became less vulnerable to the continual movement of staff so characteristic of their market.

About TWM E8

Organizations need to deliver and sustain change better, more quickly and at lower cost.

TWM E8’s xpoint software platform that :
Equips team to deliver projects Reduces cost and time to delivery of value Makes complex Programmes manageable.

xpoint helps:
Teams work together in project and
programme workspaces
Leaders have a live view of their programme

xpoint is built on Microsoft SharePoint and has a proven track record of:
Engaging staff, partners and suppliers in
faster project delivery
Improving project performance (productivity,
innovation, quality, etc.), and
Delivering better results.

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