Linked lifecycles - a new way of managing programs

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Linked lifecycles - a new way of managing programs

Posted by alex.clark on Mar 16, 2011

There must be a better way to manage programs.

  • Do you manage a complex program of activity comprising many projects and teams?
  • Do you struggle to see how changes to sub-project affect the overall Program schedules?
  • Is it tough focusing dispersed teams’ energy on the right things?
  • Is communication a challenge – no audit trail, lost or overwhelming information, non-responses?

Do you recognise this?

Managing in this way is common-place and hugely challenging for the whole team:

  • Boards who are poorly sighted
  • Program Managers who have to hold it all together
  • Teams who are poorly connected.


Imagine being able to control the whole program from one connected Gantt chart within a collaborative project environment.

This looks like:

  • Parent and Child projects are virtually connected via their Gantt charts
  • Child projects can be connected at any appropriate level in the Program
  • Updates in a child project dynamically update the Parent or Sibling
  • The Program team is alerted to changes in any project plans
  • Proactive, integrated communication happens across the whole team.

Xpoint links all projects within a program and creates a collaborative environment at the heart of it, so project teams have insight into all aspects of the project and become the driving force behind it.
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