£20BN compelling reasons for xpoint

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£20BN compelling reasons for xpoint

Posted by Peter.Mothersill on Mar 16, 2011

Andrew Loveless was recently invited to share TWM E8’s approach to new ways of working and delivering collaborative change at a Strategic Health Authority Transformation Workshop. The session was very well received, raising issues such as:

  • We need this in the NHS now, our Hospitals are dispersed and trying to solve the same problems again and again – xpoint is clearly a better way forward
  • It’s difficult to collaborate with peers across the region – xpoint would make this happen.

Following this session, TWM E8 were invited to again share their thinking and showcase the xpoint platform at March’s Health Expo in London. The NHS has to save £20BN over the next four years whilst at the same time going through the largest reorganisation in its history. To achieve these sorts of results a ‘do once and share’ capability is urgently required to accelerate the impact of Pathway Reforms and other improvements across the NHS. There is no time or room to solve the same problems again and again across different Trusts. Andrew went on to comment that it reminded him of his GE days where you were actively encouraged to ‘steal with pride’ across the GE family. Xpoint will play a key role making this approach a reality across the NHS.

In parallel with the £20BN saving, the NHS are also driving through the GP Commissioning changes. These represent significant organisational transformation and success will hinge on strong collaboration and change processes. Xpoint supports exactly this type of context – significant change, many moving parts, high stakeholder complexity.

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